So this post is long overdue, by about a month. I had to get rid of Munchie. He was my first pet, my only pet that was truly mine, and I had him for four years. My parents took care of him for this past year while I was living in the ROK.

They said he behaved and was even friendly (he was never really a nice cat), until I moved home. About two months after coming home he started to take complete revenge on me. Constantly shitting outside his litterbox and even peeing once in front of my mom. The final straw was when he decided to take a shit square in the middle of my¬† bed. (yes, you read that right) It was a fcking drop zone thankyouverymuch. So after that, the cat went away. He now lives alone with some dude my dad knows. Sometimes I miss him, but then I remember he took a massive dump on my bed.* I declare myself a cat lady no more. I came, I saw, I did not conquer. Back to ‘must love dogs’.

*thank god an ugly blanket was covering my bed to prevent cat hair from destroying my duvet cover, and in turn saved it from toxic cat poop.

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