I think you mentioned your line of work is something related to social media? How did you get there? What did you study (I’m thinking of going back to school and can’t decide which direction I want to take my career)? And most importantly, do you love your job? Oh and hope you’re having a beautiful week!

Thanks for the question! I think its great that you are exploring new career ideas and going back to school. I love to hear about anyone working towards a new project.. so bravo to you! Now… on to your answer.

I went to school for Public Relations, Advertising, and Psychology. I went to a city school (Loyola University Chicago) with the full purpose of being able to intern while working towards my degree. I started interning my sophomore year, working for a fashion writer who pushed me hard to explore new avenues and to really work at being on the forefront of business. I moved on to work at Orbitz.com as a PR intern when social media was really coming into its own for early adapters. I stayed there for 3 years (becoming full time post grad) before being laid off. I then went to work specifically for a SM marketing firm working in consumer brands. I left the biz for awhile to live in South Korea and travel Asia. I am now back and working in house for a real estate team handling their social media and marketing. So- what I recommend is this- SM cant really be learned in the classroom, its trial and error and really just putting yourself out there and branding. I mean, I do this for a living, so I must be good at it, hell I get paid for it! BUT I am always learning and always playing a game of catch up, because that’s just how the internet works. So go to school for whatever you want and what ever you love. If you want to work in Social Media- start branding yourself online and be ready to take on internships, they are worth their weight in gold. Yes, I do love my job… I wouldn’t want to do anything else, its my passion. GOOD LUCK!

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