Surefire Signs of Spring


Lately it seems like Spring will never come. Today felt like I was living in Seattle and the rain was almost too much to handle (I panicked in the storm during my morning commute and *almost* pulled over to wait it out). Two things that have me hopeful are Chanel’s fabulous fragrance, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, which I just picked up this weekend with a Sephora gift card from Christmas (I’ve been patiently waiting to use it! Thanks JPC), and cherry blossoms. To my fellow mid-westerners, the thought of cherry blossoms may mean nothing, but to me it brings me back to the perfect memories of last spring in Seoul.

Lauryn and I spent a great day at The Cherry Blossom Festival and it was a dream. I would love to be able to experience them every year. My DC followers are very lucky to be able to experience them year after year.

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