An Impromptu Trip To The Theater- Les Miserables


My wonderful cousin, who happens to be a patron of the arts, and a patron of this blog (you can see his contributions here and here) graciously gifting JPC and I tickets to Les Miserables last night. Due to a family emergency he was unable to use his tickets, and knew I had been dying to go. Neither JPC or I had ever seen the production and knowing we were headed to AMAZING seats for a completely sold out run made the evening even more exciting.

To say I loved the show would be an understatement. I was quite emotional at the end and couldn’t help but let a few tears shed (what can I say, I’m delicate) The music, the vocals, the orchestra, and the SET were all so magical. The evening was perfect.

Since we were gifted with the tickets, JPC thought it best to make a charitable contribution to Broadway Cares, an organization that helps fight AIDS, and in return we received this lovely photo with a cast member! 

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