Dry Hair Help

One major change I’ve been noticing as I’ve been getting older is that my hair is feeling very brittle and dry. I used to be lucky enough to just ‘wash and go’ and have fabu shiny hair. These days I’m not that lucky. If I don’t use the proper moisturizing shampoo and smoothing creams after a few hours it starts to dread up and I end up looking like Russell Brand. So I want to ask for some hair product recommendations. My hair is by far something I’m very protective and serious about. I’ve been using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner, but only because I’ve always gone to Aveda salons and just haven’t put more thought into it. What else should I consider? What will work wonders on my hair and keep it glamorous for years to come? Another thing I’m curious about is the MoroccanOil, should I buy this too?

As apart of my, ‘be the best me I can be’ series…this is important stuff people.

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