Why I’ll always be Urban

I’ve lived in big cities my whole adult life, and now that I’m back in Cleveland, while the ‘big’ part is no longer an option, the urban part still very much is. Last night on our short way home from XYZ Tavern for a quick bite of chicken and waffles and a bourbon, JPC and I came across a scene which I now consider my stance for why I am (and will always be) urban. As we are about to pull into his lot to park and go home for the night, I spot one of Cleveland’s many food trucks strEAT mobile parked outside and across the street from home (!!!). Also across the street from home happens to be one of Cleveland’s most notorious S&M gay bars- The Shed.

Slightly drunk, JPC and I hop out of the car and run over to pick up a midnight snack of buffalo mac and cheese. As we are waiting on our mentioned snack, Lolly The Trolley rolls up with a dozen gay men done up in their best leather ensembles. There was a man in leather ass-less chaps for christ sakes.

Let me just say- if I wasn’t urban, this is something that I would NEVER just happen upon on my Friday jaunt home. While its a funny story, its EXACTLY why I love living IN the city- at every corner is a new adventure, a new attitude, and something unexpected. The sheer amount of possibilities keep me excited day in and day out. That kind of creativity just doesn’t happen in your average sub-division.

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