Baseball: The Enternal Sign of Summer


Spring in much of the Midwest, not just Cleveland, has been drowned out by horrible amounts of rain. This past weekend we finally had the sunshine we’ve been waiting for. JPC and I took full advantage by heading to the Cincinnati Reds vs. Cleveland Indians day game on Sunday. The Indians are currently the 1st place team in baseball after years and years of less than stellar performances. Cleveland is vibrating with the good feelings of bringing big time baseball back to the city that claims fame to The Wild Thing and Major League.

Since we rode our bikes over to Progressive Field we indulged in this bad boy- a chicken and waffle sandwich…. of course we got with a free side of funnel cake fries thanks to our Foursquare check-in, so how could we say no?  😉

We had some amazing 3rd row seats on the 3rd baseline and I  was able to cheer on my favorite Korean from the sidelines (I’m sure he heard me) Taking home a 12-4 win and slinging back a few Summer Shandys made for a perfect Sunday, and a surefire sign of the greatness of Summer.

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