The 7 Day Diva Detox

I’m doing a detox. Starting Sunday, I am embarking on a terrifying seven day journey of caloric hell. Lets be real people, I need to loose a few lbs. I need to stop eating like a frat boy on a horrific drunk bender. Its time to get real and get with the program; because if I don’t do it now- at 25 years old, when will I do it?

This is where the Raw Diva Detox comes in. Day 1 is complete fasting and days 2-7 are nothing but raw fruits and veggies. Heads and heads of lettuce while I eat like a rabbit. Lauryn Effie is taking this journey with me, so I can call her for moral support throughout my starvation periods. Our friend Jen has also committed to the detox, and is a full timeĀ  vegetarian, so this may be a bit easier for her- we will see.

I will do daily updates for the seven days on how its going and whether or not I can complete it. I hope to loose some weight by ‘shocking ’ my system into weightloss and jump starting my metabolism. It also says that I will reset my palate andĀ  hope it helps when it comes to getting rid of my terrible food cravings for all things unhealthy.

So here we go: Tonight I have a private dinner party with Emerging Chefs, tomorrow I have dinner and drinks with friends at a premiere restaurant, and Saturday I have the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Summer Solstice Party. Needless to say, I have a few days left to really get in the good stuff and beat up my body before seven days of clean eating.

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