The Raw Diva Detox- Days 1 & 2

Alright y’all, I promised a day one and day two recap of my raw detox. Its a pitiful account  to say the least, but if I’m not accountable on the internet, where WILL I be accountable?

Day One started Sunday, the day after Cleveland’s Summer Solstice Party. Deciding to start my detox after one of the most fabulous parties of the year was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I drank myself silly on Pinot Grigio and found out the hard way that I am in fact, not Ramona Singer. Day one of the detox consisted only of fasting. I was in fact able to fast, because I could not keep a single thing in my stomach for the entire day due to my hangover. So that alone should tell you what kind of day I had. I was ill, in bed, and barely functioning.

Day Two: I decided to continue the detox on day two– which is only raw fruits and veggies, because I figured my body needed the nutrients post binge drinking spree. I was wrong, very wrong. I ate my orange, my apple, and my giant salad, and was trying to hydrate. None of it worked and my headache persisted relentlessly. I was miserable allll day. I came home from work at 6:30pm, caved and ate some tuna, and promptly fell asleep sitting up at 7pm. I moved to my bed where I stayed for the next 12 hours.

Currently I’m off the cleanse. I am trying to stay vegetarian and avoiding coffee and I plan to try again after the holiday weekend.

Lesson learned from this: I am 25 years old and really, really need to stop drinking like a 20 year old college sorority girl. Check out my post on when I gave up drinking completely. I wont take it to that level again, but I just really need to embrace moderation.

Follow Lauryn’s Cleanse here, she is still working it out and hard on Day 3. I know she will fare better than I.

image via etharzaher

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