Student Loans, need I say more? I just consolidated my federal loans and its going to be a great help. I was so pumped that I did something productive, something that will help me save and reach my goals, then I find out my private loans are increasing + $245/month in October. One step forward, two steps back. I just feel so defeated, that no matter what I do I wont ever really be able to manage my money responsibly if so much of my income goes to my student debt. I worry about it and how it will delay my true steps into adulthood (all those milestones- car/house/marriage/baby/etc) What I don’t get is that I really feel like I’ve followed the rules- I went to college, had internships, worked hard, heck I have a great job- but somehow I can never get ahead of the game. Sometimes you just need a fall out shelter.

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