Saturday night JPC took me to Lola  for dinner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We headed back to the restaurant as it was the location of our third date. I remember being very nervous and thinking ‘who takes a girl they barely know to an Iron Chef’s restaurant on a Wednesday evening!?!’ It boggled my mind for days. This time our date was not at a quiet table in the corner, but front and center to all the action at the best seat in the house- The Chef Table.

While Michael Symon was not manning the kitchen that night ( I even tweeted him to see where he was) we had a fabulous time watching the kitchen handle their business. Their actions were comparable to a live show, neatly choreographed and strictly concise as orders flew in. We enjoyed the best oysters, beef cheek perogies, venison, hanger steak, and cauliflower deep fried in pork fat. So much for my vegetarian phase. Lest I forget the bottle of wine and pumpkin dessert we shared. The evening was perfect. We took our time and enjoyed our food, the kitchen show, and each others company. We left full, fat, and happy as we remembered why we are together in the first place- good food, of course 😉

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