The Amazing House Hunt

[Part one]

Some of you know JPC and I have been on quite the amazing house hunt. I haven’t talked too much about it here, except for this whisper post, but I think I’m ready to come clean with this (ever changing) journey. To give you some background, I work in Real Estate and JPC owns a construction/remodeling/design business. So I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, these two have it figured out- she can get them whatever they want to buy, and he can fix it, build it, change it. WRONG. Everyone yadda yaddas about this amazing buyers market, but we can’t buy a house to save our lives.

We had been actively looking at homes in one of Cleveland’s downtown-ish neighborhoods that is ‘up and coming’ and quite hip. We live in the neighborhood now, so we would just drive up and down streets looking for ‘for sale’ signs. We probably looked at a dozen homes in personal and over 30 on the countless realty websites. We even put an offer in on raw warehouse space that was for sale by the owner (not working with a Realtor). We thought this was the house for us. Super industrial, but modern with clean lines, close to the Westside Market, and walkable to work. The space was just a big two floor box of nearly 4000 square feet just WAITING for JPC to bash some nails and wood together and build us a house. I swear at this time I dreamt in blueprints I was so in love with the idea.  We were picking out lighting, flooring, and counter tops all while waiting to hear if our offer would be accepted. It wasn’t, and the owner was not even willing to counter our price. The battle went on for days and my amazing boss did everything he could to get some sort of deal worked out. Promptly after this the owner took the building off the market and it sits still vacant today.  I’m fully convinced he had a nervous breakdown at the thought of selling off his last property in the area (at one point he owned nearly the entire street).

All of this was quite a traumatic experience for both of us; signing our names on the dotted line that day at my office was puke worthy enough. One doesn’t realize the pressure of signing off on a 30 year mortgage with a man you’re not married to until the time comes, and let me tell you, its stressful. Then to be told after we committed to this space, this build, and of course to each other that the seller would not commit to his end, we needed a bit of a break. So we took a break, we ebbed and flowed and carried on with our lives. We throw a rooftop party to reassure ourselves just how much we enjoyed our building.  Until one day it was time to get back in the car and drive up and down the streets of the neighborhood looking once again for our first home…. part two coming soon.

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