Adventures in House Hunting [Part 3]

We found a home and are moving in together this weekend. That’s right folks, you heard it here first. However, I’d like to say brace yourself for a minute. Even though the cat’s out of the bag on this, its not the true and final ending. If you’ve been following along with my turmoil on finding a house, bravo to you! If you haven’t been following along you can recap quickly by reading part one and part two, it shouldn’t take very long.

Like I mentioned, JPC and I are moving in together, finally. We did not find our dream home or our investment property just yet, but his lovely and understanding landlord has agreed to rent us a one bedroom apartment (with lake-ish views!) on a month to month basis until we find something that we want to purchase. Basically, JPC’s landlord rocks and knows my pain. If only the real estate gods knew my pain and would bless us with a freaking house already.

So there you have it folks- JPC and I will begin our journey living in sin starting this Sunday- nothing like a little good ol’ fashion sin on God’s day!

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