2012 Resolutions

In a snippet

  • Start flossing. Yes, its gross but true- I hate flossing. The idea of it grosses me out and the PAIN of it makes me want to cry. But don’t get grossed out just yet- I brush regularly (event the tongue!) and have yet to have a cavity in the 25 years I’ve been alive. Apparently, flossing is really good for you and if you just get past the bleeding/swollen gum issue its golden. Apparently some people really like it. Also, it reduces risk of heart disease, gingivitis, and other junk. So I will commit.
  • Read more. I love to read. Usually I always have a book on hand. But 2011 was the year of NEW. A new city, new job, new boyfriend, and now- new living situation. So reading time got tossed to the wayside. I’m pretty sure the only book I finished in 2011 was Bethany Frankel’s A Place of Yes. I am truly embarrassed to even write that.
  • Care less. I have a problem of giving too many shits what people think of me. I work in PR so perception IS reality. But I spend too much energy and anxiety on it. If I spent as much time improving myself and my well being as I did on the ‘giving a shit what people think’ train- I’d be even more awesome than I already am.
  • Stand up straight. Its a resolution every year. I have scoliosis and terrible posture. Not only does bad posture make you look frumpy and fat, but it’s really bad for your body. It impacts your metabolism, strains your muscles, and of course can lead to terrifying humpback syndrome. Oy vey… maybe this year is the year?!

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