Truths & Musings

I confessed in this little space on the internet awhile ago that it is still my dream to be a writer. To me, it feels brave to own ones future and fate in their hands. This is truly a thought that I only half commit to since I have a full time job. A full time job that I love (!) But it it still a beautiful thought to know I could be responsible for my own fate. However, I have also found that sometimes we are our own biggest obstacle. I sometimes can’t figure out how to get out of my own way. This blog is a perfect example of that- Sometimes I want to be vapid and write about me me me, celebrities, and nutella. Sometimes I want to tell the truth and write my feelings and what I really know (and sometimes I do) but other times I remind myself that people I know read this blog. People who in real life could judge me for my words or even hate me for my words. Worse, they could see my vulnerabilities through my words. All of a sudden that gives words a whole heck of a lot of power. Why is it that it’s sometimes easier to be honest when only strangers are reading?

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