Beauty Discoveries: The Shine

I just recently had my hair cut by my lovely sister who now also happens to double as my hairdresser since my move back to Cleveland. As I sat down for what I thought would be a routine trim, my mother asked- why are your roots so much darker than you ends? This maybe a normal occurrence for girls who dye their hair, but my virgin hair knew nothing of it. I was shocked to find out that I had been living day in and day out with dulled ends from my hair being long, old, and poorly cared for. My sister quickly came up with an answer to fix my hair in the future- a gloss treatment.   

A glossing treatment was something I was completely unfamiliar with as I always had perfectly shiny hair all on my own. Apparently another wonderful treat about aging is that my hair looks less shiny day to day. The glossing treatment was quick and effective. It coated my hair and sealed down the cuticle of each and every strand. My sister tells me that the gloss will protect and beautify my hair for around 6 weeks and help me maintain order of my crazy mane in between cuts.

Just after my own treatment Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Department highlighted the benefits of glossing and I knew it had to be ‘a thing’. Check it out.

 Ladies, what do you do to keep your locks healthy and luscious?

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