Both Valentine’s Day AND my birthday are right around the corner. This year I will be spending both in Orlando for a work conference. While its not the most romantic thing to imagine- it could definitely be worse! My boss rented our team a house for a week and after the conference JPC and the other significant others will be coming to join us. We’ll all enjoy some time off work hanging out together and of course- the house has a pool and a hot tub. Work trips, they’re just the worst 😉 JPC has never been to Disney World so I’ll be ringing in my old age at the place a kid can be a kid (or is that Chuck E. Cheese?) Whatever… all in all its going to be a great trip with my absolutely lovely co-workers.

JPC and I did decide to schedule in an extra day after everyone else returns to the cold North. We are staying at an always fab Westin Hotel and I can’t stress enough how much I’m looking forward to comfy robes, their ‘Heavenly Bath’ experience, and of course room service. While I dreading turning 26, the date can’t come soon enough.

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate the holiday with your special someone or just make it count every day- not just February 14th?

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