You know what it’s like to have just a dog gone shitty week. It’s rough, it’s tough, and most times I just want to surrender and lay in bed until the storm blows through. This weekend I did a little bit of that- I watched two entire seasons of Say Yes To The Dress (so I guess more than a little)

But I also got down with some good ole fashioned retail therapy and picked up a lovely (AND FUNCTIONAL) new handbag! I’ve had my eye on that little baby since 2007 and I was finally feeling entitled enough to pull the trigger. I would be lying if I said it didn’t cheer me up.

The other thing that cheered up my weekend? That lovely purple plant JPC came home with as a surprise. That purple plant’s aroma has brightened up our whole apartment with the smells of Spring, and of course his constant thoughtfulness warms my heart. 

How do you cope with some bad news bear feelings? What’s your go to for insta-relief from it?

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