Color of the week: TEAL!

This week its been all about teal- perfect for Easter and perfect for a Spring day! The weekend started off with a good friend’s birthday party and his amazing girlfriend baked this beautiful ombre blue cake that was to die for. We ate, drank, and we were merry (so merry I didn’t make it to yoga class in the morning)

For Easter Sunday I baked, constructed, and designed these little Easter Egg Cakes with the help of JPC. For those that know me in person its very clear I don’t have the best motor skills. Really, my hands work like those of a 5 year old so while I always have great DIY ideas in my head the execution isn’t always the best. These worked out, but I’ll be sharing the experience in more detail later this week- it was a wild ride 😉

Last but definitely not least I was able to sit on the couch and enjoy some truly decadent macarons from Coquette Patisserie. I have heard from quite a few people- including @EatDrinkCLEV that these were *the* macarons to purchase in Cleveland. I hadn’t yet placed an order, but thanks to the lovely @CaraLageson and the Yelp folks I was able to enjoy a sample as a surprise! How blue is that blueberry? PERFECTION.

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