When A Blogger Bakes…

Part two. I had such unbelievable success with the to-freaking-die-for Nutella cake that I made for Christmas that I was feeling ballsy and ready for some Easter baking.

The end result was cute- but like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have the best hand eye coordination so frosting those little suckers was a bit difficult. Actually, the whole process was a bit more difficult then I bargained for (and made me about 30 minutes late to Easter dinner)

Right off the bat there was trouble. I couldn’t find an egg cookie cutter for the life of me, probably because I was two days away from Easter and all the other prepared bakers had purchased theirs far in advance. I did however find a strange avocado storage container that had an egg-like shape and was able to improvise quite nicely.

Next up- I baked the cake on Friday as not to procrastinate and leave myself scrambling on Sunday morning. However, my dummy self waited until Sunday to actually remove the refrigerated cake from the cake pan. As you can see in the photo- this was a major cake FAIL. My greasing of the pan served no purpose and destroyed my beloved cake.

JPC and I darted to the grocer hours before the party to pick up new ingredients and get to baking a new cake- this time lined with parchment paper. PARCHMENT PAPER IS A THING OF THE GODS and eased my cake out of the pan perfectly. Lesson learned- never bake a cake, no matter what, without lining it first.

All in all the project worked out and everyone thought the cakes were delicious and adorable; everything I could ever ask for. If you take anything away from this I hope its that I am: A. crazy in the kitchen and B. parchment paper rocks my socks and you should use it too.

*in this last photo, please note the dental floss, which we used to attempt to cut the cake in half (I just do what the internet tells me) (it didn’t work, FYI). Please also note the DVDs that were used as levels to make sure the cake cutting was well, level. I swear my kitchen isn’t normally this chaotic.

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