Did you know we were suppose to close on our new house on April 3rd? Did you know that it was suppose to happen before we left for Palm Springs? DID YOU KNOW WE STILL HAVEN’T CLOSED AND GAVE OUR NOTICE TO OUR LANDLORD FOR APRIL 30TH!?!?!

We would be homeless come April 30th but because we have the most amazing landlord EVER he is letting us move into another vacant unit for 30 days while we get our shit together. So unless our house closes by June 1st, we will then be officially homeless (and I will have a rage stroke of the largest proportions) 

Instead it looks like we will just have to move our belongings twice instead of once all while waiting to hear our fate; because really who doesn’t love moving all the time?

What’s worse is we knew this all before our vacation so landing back at CLE airport was much more of a ‘welcome back to reality’ than a ‘welcome home’.

And we thought a notice for April 30th gave us plenty of time for a slow and relaxed move in….

Cross stitch image courtesy of Purple Hippo Stitch.

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