Coachella Day 2: Hindsight is 20/20

Knowing how absolutely awful it was to nearly freeze to death on Day 1 of Coachella after expecting sunshine, warm, and sunburns I knew I had to prepare for Saturday, day 2 of Coachella. Like the saying goes- hindsight is 20/20 and I wasn’t going to fall short on warm clothing.

Day 2 was on its way to warmer temps, but just to be safe I scoured Lauryn’s giant suitcase in hopes of finding some warmer clothes that would be fashionable enough to keep me from looking like a bum who piled on everything inside my own suitcase.

Since I packed mostly warm weather clothing, appropriate for the desert- I ended up wearing all of Lauryn’s clothes. The only items I can claim are the accessories: shoes, waist bag, and scarf (not pictured, but needed once the sun went down!).

I managed to pull together some hip denim on denim and tied up my shirt for a DIY crop top. I also knew it was time to rally with a power bun for an extra boost of confidence.

However, by midday my dogs were barking! The polo grounds are hard. While the booties are ideal for keeping me warm, giving me extra height, and looking overall pretty cool; they are not built for comfort. I spent the good part of the day time hours barefoot like a true hippie and was greeted with a lovely surprise of a glitter bombing that took place inside my one shoe without me knowing.

Highlight of Day 2? M83 rocked my socks off completely. Radiohead closed the night out and it was my first time seeing them which was also pretty darn epic. They played a 2 hour set with an outrageous light show (pictured above).

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