Nature…You’re Doing It Wrong

There is way more to Palm Springs then just Coachella. The city itself is an amazing vacation destination and I can’t wait to go back to check out some of their chic and kitschy hotels, shops, and of course spas! While on our trip we took some time out from partying to take the tram up to Chico Canyon on the worlds largest rotating tram.

To say that Lauryn and I were under-prepared for our trip into nature would be an understatement. We were planning on getting drinks and dinner later that evening and dressed accordingly for cocktail hour, not hiking hour.

The journey up the mountain, a total of 8500 feet was surreal. The desert is beautiful and from that angle it is absolutely breathtaking. What we weren’t ready for? The 40 degree temperature drop once we reached the top of the mountain. The park was covered in SNOW and greenery- it was a completely different climate that we crossed into over the span of 10 minutes.

Despite being unprepared we made the best of it and took our time with Mother Nature. It was perfect. I would love to go back one day and wear proper hiking gear, pack a picnic, and spend hours on the many trails exploring.

Majority of the photos are Courtesy of JPC’s Instagram (since I have yet to abandon my Blackberry).

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