Lashes For Days

Alright y’all, now that I’m done spamming you with photos and bragging rights from Palm Springs, lets get back to the regularly scheduled programing. Its time to address some hard hitting issues like mascara.

I read in an article from Seventeen magazine when I was about thirteen that Halle Berry’s live and die by beauty product was the green and pink tube of Maybelline Mascara. At that very moment in my pre-teens I decided that if it was good enough for Halle Berry it was good enough for me. I was a pink and green tube diehard until I graduated from college. I mean hello- Maybe she’s born with it… maybe its Maybellineeee.

College was an exploratory time… so I figured why not explore some new mascara? That’s when I discovered the beauty that is Chanel. I loved my Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara for quite awhile- I still purchase a tube here and there. Its a great staple- it lasts long, it coats beautifully, and it really volumizes your lashes like you want it to.

Eager for my next fix I purchased the Diorshow. Beauty enthusiasts talked a big game about this product, so again I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. I can confidently say this is the worst beauty product I have ever used. A $25 tube of mascara should nearly work so well that you should look like a batty eyed babydoll at every moment. This product is crummy. It crumbs off on your face, it smudges, and you have to put on a thousand coats just to look decent.

Enter my final mascara in the bunch- The L’Oreal False Lash Mascara aka the mother-effin miracle worker. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner people.  This mascara brush may look wimpy, but it packs SERIOUS punch. Look at the pictures to prove it- my lashes have two coats applied and they go for miles. The product stays put- almost too well. It is waterproof, which is not a typical need of mine, but it makes a big difference and there is zero flaking off.

I tend to like to get right to the point with washing my face and since this product is waterproof it does add an extra step to my evening wash up routine. Anyone have a favorite waterproof make up remover?

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