Sometimes You’ll Date a Wolf in Valentino Clothing

Sometime or another you’ll date a man just because he’s rich.

You’ll meet him at a party for a store opening that you attended with a friend. His friend will ask your friend for drinks and you’ll tag along to play wing woman. You’ll make small talk with the wolf for manners sake, but you wont be interested. You’ll be thinking about the man you’re seeing who just left for New York City on a business trip. He promised he’d take you this time and he didn’t. You’ll be so obsessed with this fact that you’ll tell the wolf.You’ll leave and go home. You’ll forget all about the wolf in the Valentino suit because you’ll be too busy remembering the man who left you behind while he went to New York City.

A few days later you’ll get an email at work from the wolf. The email comes to your work account because you couldn’t bother to get more personal than a business card. He’ll invite you on his boat for a summer kick off party. You’ll go because sometimes at 22 the most important thing is knowing a man with a boat in a Chicago summer.

You’ll start to date the wolf with the boat because you think you should. He’ll take you to drinks and dinners. He’ll call and plan. He wont try and sleep with you because the guise of a gentleman means much more than a midnight tryst. He’ll kiss you at your door and you’ll start to trust him.

You’ll fall into a comfortable routine of take out and nights in. You’ll fall harder. You’ll think its an adult relationship. He’ll take you on trips in a private plane that you’ll talk very publicly about. You’ll brag about all the things he does for you. He’ll laugh at your jokes. He’ll tell you his secrets.

You’ll start to get comfortable so you’ll start to act selfish, because that’s what 22 year olds do. He’ll start to play games.

He’ll pick you up late, smelling like booze from a long day at ‘work’. He’ll stop answering calls. He’ll make you dinner to make up for it. He’ll disappear some more.

He’ll take you on a trip to tell you he’s seeing someone else- something you already knew but didn’t want to admit. You’ll ride again on the private plane, but this time for a public break up. You’ll try and win him back because sometimes at 22 winning is more important than losing. You’ll lose anyway. You’ll cry. You’ll drink a lot and cry some more. You’ll get over it.

Sometime much later you’ll get occasional notes from the wolf to see how you are. He’ll be through several similar relationships like yours. You will never again have a relationship like you did with the wolf. Sometime in life you’ll think money can make you happy. Sometime later you’ll realize it wont.

{ The Sometimes Series is an essay series by Blog-The New Black.  Click to read the first, titled Sometimes You Meet The Man of Your Dreams in a Bar}

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