Let’s Take A Trip!

To be honest, as hectic as my life has been lately one thing I can always make room for is travel. The jetset bug has had a tight hold on me for quite some time and while I long for simplicity, schedules, and the ease of a routine deep in my bones I know that life its not for me. So while my schedule and budget don’t allow for my usual type of gallivanting, I needed to look near instead of far for my next travel adventure.

Falling Water, what I would dub Frank Loyd Wright’s most influential piece of architecture, is just a day trip away from Cleveland. So why not pack a bag, rent a glorious classic convertible, and head off for the 3.5 hour journey?

Before you go, be sure to pick up a copy of Loving Frank and indulge in this truth-y novel about the elicit affair Wright was involved in during the 1930’s. Nothing like a brief history lesson before a field trip!

Of course, a beautiful home deserves an equal beautiful visitor so make sure you wear something comfy for the car ride, but stylish enough for your photos.

Day Trip: Falling Water

JPC went on a family trip to Falling Water as a child, and apparently had plenty of fancy adventures that I wasn’t privy to as a wee lass. This trip will be my first time up close and personal with the architect I spent years studying. Check back for our personal photos and a post on journey soon!

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