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**As part of today’s Ohio Blogging Association’s All State Blog Swap, I’m happy to introduce to you Heather from Mile 26 and More. On this day, bloggers from around the great state of Ohio are guest posting on one another blogs as a way to help to get to know one another in our blogging community. For a full listing of blog swap participants, please visit Poise in Parma today!**

Let me now pass the keyboard to a fitness inspiration, Heather!

Hi, Friends!  It’s Heather from Mile 26 and More!
Nadine asked if I’d blog about novices looking to up their fitness game and I was ALL ABOUT IT.  This is right up my alley and something I am really comfortable talking about since I am a total fitness junkie/geek.  🙂 
I started off as a recreational exerciser.  I enjoyed it, but I never really found the activity that had me begging for more.  That is, until I started running.  It’s my #1 exercise love.  And we’ve had a pretty exclusive relationship for 8+ years now.
And I can tell you with all my heart that our relationship is still going strong today because it’s something I 100%, without a doubt, LOVE.
I love the short, tough runs.  I love the clear-your-mind long runs.  I love the painful, but amazing ice baths.  
I love the friends I’ve made from running.  I love the early wake up calls on race day (kinda).  I love the carb loading (really, really love!).  I love it all.
So, if I can give you any advice on how to take your fitness game up a notch, here it is: DO WHAT YOU LOVE.  It’s pretty simple.  If you love zumba, find a studio you can’t live without, make friends with the instructors and other participants in class – and maybe even get certified yourself!  If you love biking, call the local store in your area and ask if they have a riding group (most do!).  If you love spinning, find the instructor you’re most compatible with and make friends.  Make yourself known.  You’ll be surprised how receptive people are to newbies!
But, most of all, find what you love and just do it.  It will take you to some amazing places.  🙂 

Thanks for having me, Nadine!  Now can you teach me how do I tame my love of all things Lululemon? 😉

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