Time For Quiet

They say the hardest and most stressful things in a person’s life have to do with new jobs, moving, experiencing a death, or having a baby.

What if I told you each of those things (but one) have happened ten times over in the last two years alone?

I’ve been especially quiet on this blog this month. Honestly, I’ve felt a little defeated. The last thing I’ve wanted to do was share news here- maybe because so much news has been negative. My relationship with JPC has suffered, our foundation a bit shaky. We’ve had some battles, gone to sleep sad, and sometimes haven’t had the words to fix it.

I tell myself if we can get through this and still laugh and love each other we can probably get through anything. So here it is, for you and for me- as a reminder in case I forget in the future; a blog with a search bar works great for that.

In numbers:

– 2 deaths (his Grandmother, my Grandfather)

– 2 new jobs (one of each of us)

– 1 new business started (for him)

– 4 home offers

– 2 home contracts

– 1 home purchased (!!!)

– 2 apartments lived in

To say its been a whirlwind of change since we started dating would be an understatement. Sometimes I feel like I’m running through molasses, not getting anywhere. Though from the numbers its clear I’ve gone and grown plenty- and with another person no less, something I didn’t think I was capable of doing.

So here are the numbers- as a reminder.

Edited Update: Quite a few people (including both my mom and JPC’s mom, (hi moms!)) have asked if we are ‘okay’. Yes, we are ‘okay’, and THANK YOU for the kind words. THANK YOU for relating and reaching out- all of you. It makes my heart swell more than you know.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t write about something on my blog unless I was already starting to work through it emotionally- I’ve learned in the past that posting in haste can result in some not so nice words, and as they say- the internet is forever. 

However, much more than that- I wanted to share that my life isn’t always coming up roses. So many times we read blogs, tweets, and facebook statuses and everyone is always bragging about JUST.HOW.AWESOME. their life is. Yes, my life is pretty flippin’ awesome- I’m buying a house with the love of my life, but I wanted to give some perspective too. While awesome, things aren’t always easy and I’d like to think I’m not the only one that needs that reminder. 

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