Advice Via Google Search

I had a search query from Google that resulted in someone finding my blog. The search query said ‘how to know if a guy you met at a bar will call’. Google is funny like that, no?

Well, solicited or unsolicited I’m going to give you all the answer.

If a man approaches you at a bar and asks for your phone number and you give it to him he will most likely call if you…

don’t sleep with him that night

don’t get sloppy drunk in his presence

don’t act needy or desperate

don’t pay him too much attention after the fact

oh, did I mention as long as you don’t sleep with him that night?

But we all knew these answers, right? I wish I could pretend in my past single life I was the most well behaved young lady, but alas…c’est la vie/YOLO/Carpe Diem… bla bla bla. 

SO at the end of the day do whatever you want. If he likes you he’ll chase you– even if you’re a ball of crazy like me.

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