Coming & Going: The Big Move

The big move came and went this past holiday weekend without a peep of mention on the internet, we were just too busy!

Honestly, I’ve been completely unplugged since then (other than work) and it feels pretty good. I can’t wait to get into the major details of our first home on ye old blog, but I just can’t find the time yet. So until then I have some tidbits that couldn’t wait (counterclockwise from the top):

Saying goodbye to our lake view. The apartment JPC and I shared was great. It was exactly what we needed for our first step into living together. I’m glad to be gone, but won’t forget some of our first memories there. Plus- the rooftop deck and views of the sunset will be hard to replace!

– The boxes are all in and they are EVERYWHERE, its dizzying just to look at the place and are slowly but surely working to find a place for everything. Everyone who helped us move kept asking ‘How do two people have so much stuff?’ I really thought I was a purger who loved to get rid of things, apparently not. I wish I could blame JPC for all the clutter, but I have to take some sort of responsibility (even though its really him. wink wink.) We finished the move in one day and I can’t thank everyone enough who helped- we really couldn’t have done it without you!

– To christian the house we popped a bottle of our staple summer bubbly and enjoyed it with some great company. As soon as that cork popped I knew it was home.

– Last but not least, our lovely neighbors came over with a bouquet of bok choy to welcome us to the neighborhood. They seem like a great couple and will hopefully become fast friends, after all it is porch drinking season.

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