Stylish Sleepwear

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In a world of working, blogging, and other constant ‘to-do’s’ it’s amazing if I get out of the house in something semi-fashionable on a regular basis. When I do happen to pull it together for the real world the moment I come home and close the door it becomes a ‘pants off’ situation; getting out of my clothes (no matter how much I love them) can’t happen soon enough. I love to be able to unwind from the day in something that isn’t an old pair of my boyfriend’s boxer shorts or a pair or sweats so I’ve snapped a pic of some of my favorite stylish lounge wear: A polka dot jumper was a gift from a great friend who knows my penchant for polka dots and rompers too well, an Old Navy sale snag that has a great feminine touch, and a silk Chinese robe straight from The Silk Market in Beijing.

Luxurious sleepwear options are everywhere these days and some are even popping up as daytime casual options (though I don’t know if I’m bold enough to pull it off).  A sleep shirt I’m lusting after? This gem right here:

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