Barre Cleveland: An Interview with Yana Salwan

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One of my absolute favorite ways to workout is in a group fitness class. Mostly because I’m the type of person that needs the motivation and energy from everyone else in the room just to make it through the sets. Leave me to my own devices at home and I’ll put on the yoga DVD, but most likely watch it while sitting on my mat instead of going through my poses. This reason alone is why I’m thrilled whenever a new studio opens up; whether its yoga, pilates, spin, or yo-yo-ing… I’m there. I had the pleasure (if you want to call it that) of taking a few Core Fusion classes at Exhale when I lived in Chicago and NOTHING could compare to the burn I felt. I’ve been looking to get that feeling back since then and up until now Cleveland did not offer any comparable classes. Enter Barre Cleveland the first studio in Cleveland to focus on the Lotte Berk Method. The studio just opened and I LOVED the beginner class I took with some blogger friends, it was everything I was missing. I was so thrilled I asked to speak with owner Yana Salwan to discuss the benefits of Barre, how to keep slim, and some of her personal favorite ways to let loose… read on for the full deets:


Yana, you’re a phenomenal athlete! A former track runner at Ohio University, a certified trainer, a triathlete, and now BarreFit instructor and studio owner. What provoked you to dedicate your time and business to making Barre your focus? 

I constantly stay on top of the latest fitness trends and I have been researching different barre workouts for years but the large fitness organizations that I worked for would not offer this format.  I knew this was a sound and balanced fitness program that I could not only do but teach going forwards without causing the joint and back damage that is likely with high impact fitness formats. It feels good knowing that I’m not only getting and keepingpeople fit but am also not causing long term damage to their bodies.  In addition to using the Barre, I incorporate many other great exercises that I have learned over the past 20 years that are based on the same principles.  

I am by no means a fitness expert, or even dedicated to a training routine. I wasn’t athletic as a child, but now as an adult fitness and well being are extremely important. What do you recommend for ‘newbies’ who are trying to find their niche? 

I think “newbies” should try many different fitness formats/programs, do the research on those instructors and their routines, and stay with whatever motivates them to make a healthy lifestyle a part of their way of living. I personally enjoy group fitness classes at Barre Cleveland because the participants plan and book which classes/days/times they will attend at the beginning of their week in addition to the positive energy feeding off each other during each workout session. If you are new, then go at your own pace; fitness is achieved by multiple sessions and no one session is going to make or break your fitness goals. 

Diet, exercise, strength, endurance- there are so many things to shoot for to achieve the perfect body, and weight loss can be daunting as we age. Usually a jog around the block isn’t enough anymore to shed the pizza bloat!  Do you offer any advice for clients to find that happy medium? 

Adults usually know what is sensible to eat and too strict of a diet can cause people to give up, so eat a balanced selection of food and make sure you are doing something every day to move your body (even if it is just a walk around the block). Of course you will see the results a lot faster if classes are done in between those walks around the block!

Last but not least- the tagline here at Blog- The New Black is ’everything food, fashion, travel, and adult beverages’ so I’d like you to indulge us! Favorite food, best fashion for the gym (besides the ever popular Lululemon), top vacation destination, and your drink of choice? 

We are fortunate to have some great restaurants near the studio which I do frequent a lot. A few favorites are Taza (their Phoenician Chicken Salad rocks) and Paladar (their Spicy Guacamole with veggies while sitting on their patio). The ever popular Lululemon has filled my entire closet and I wear it everyday for work and play so I would have to say they are still the “New Black”.  Our most frequent vacation destination is South Beach, Miami because we love the sun, beaches, people, decor and food there. And finally, as far as adult beverages go, I enjoy a glass of champagne or a Margatini every once in a while but I would always rather have a great meal instead!

Thanks Yana for taking the time to share some more info about you and your studio with my readers! If any of you ladies would like to check out a class let me know- I’d love to join you 🙂

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