A weekend in photos:

Jiffy Pop on the stove for a stay at home Saturday night (plus the newest Sherlock Holmes flick) and an early bedtime due to a just-too-crazy Friday night on the town.

Paint samples that look almost nothing like what they do on the swatch. Manhattan Mist, really? You look just like a lavender. Manhattan never looks quite like a lavender field to me 😉

Fishtail braids to conquer outrageous humidity. Enough said- can’t you tell just how shiny my face is from a tad too much moisture in the air?

Kiss the Bride Orly + a silver disco nail for some demure yet rebellious nail art to start off the week.

Last but not least, a leopard print belt to spice up a Monday full of meetings. Now if only I can tackle the week with as much vigor as a jungle cat 😉

Hope the beginning of the week is treating you well.

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