SHOP: New Additions

I was dreaming of the day our house would close and become our own for so many reasons- security, a place to call our own, a final action plan, joining the American dream, and last but not least: regained freedom over my checking account!

Now that we are in fact closed and our mortgage company isn’t stalking every.single.purchase. we.make I’m free to do a little spendin’ (treat yo self)

Newest Acquisitions:

A work wardrobe staple replacement (one size smaller- booyah!) from Gap plus an extra Summer pick me up in neon yellow that happened to be on sale (double booyah)

A private shopping event at J3 Clothing– a men’s boutique that specializes in custom clothing and handpicks their buys mostly from exclusive NYC designers. JPC picked up some funky accessories.

A vintage gold plated leaf bracelet from Yellowcake. Living 50 feet from a Project Runway contender’s boutique will most likely mean trouble for my wallet.

A replacement of my all time favorite hairspray from Aveda that is only produced once per year- it’s humidity resistant and therefore a Summer MUST. Ladies, run don’t walk to pick up one of these bad boys, your hair will thank you.

Last but not least- a beautiful new shower curtain for our guest bathroom; the first addition of many to our wonderful new home.

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