All I Need is A Miracle

All I need…is youuu.

Really all I need is the perfect wrinkle cream or wrinkle-free solution other than a face full of Botox at 26. I tell myself I need to hold out until I’m at least 30 before I start pumping my face full of injectables; but the thing is- I have a terrible wrinkle

Yes I’m sure there is more than one, but that is not what we are talking about today (or ever) It’s amazing that I’m even willing to share this awful photo with you. Today, and everyday for that matter, I can’t help but focus on the deep crease above my right eyebrow or as my boss like’s to call it my ’Stress Wrinkle’. He’s dubbed it the Stress Wrinkle because every time I’m stressed out at work I sit at my desk massaging it. This may sound creepy, but my logic is that stress put that hideous thing there in the first place and maybe, just maybe, if I press real hard I can rub it away.

Alas, I cannot rub it away. So I turn to the next best thing- over the counter products: high end, low end, creams, masks, cleansers, exfoliants, you name it and I own it. The trouble started when my college roommate interned for Le Mer. I was spoiled ROTTEN with thousands of dollars in free product and convinced it was like rubbing a little piece of heaven on my skin. Now that I have to pony up my own cash for it- not so much.

So it brings me to the point of this rambling post: The lovely folks at Dr. Murad graciously sent me a few face products to test out. Included in the package was their Intensive- C Radiance Peel and let me tell you that mask is no joke.

First- there is something of such promise when it comes to a peel- I just sit back and imagine it stripping my face of everything no good and horrible. It also brings to mind a flush red face burn a la Samantha from Sex in The City (which is terrifying). So let me start off by telling you this peel was not the least bit harsh, but definitely effective.

Typically my boyfriend hates when I goop on a mask at home, but this one is so thin and lightweight you can barely tell you’re wearing it for the short 10 minutes it needs to work its magic. The peel promises to give you a brighter, cleaner complexion with just one use and I did see results. My face seemed firmer, clearer, and smoother. Its obvious that my makeup will apply much better tomorrow morning.

So my bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a summer peel that is hassle free and low maintenance- pick it up! It doesn’t sit heavy on your face and only takes 10 minutes. Since you only need a thin layer of product the tube will last long enough to feel some bang for your buck.

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