This past week(end) has been quite the whirlwind! A few successes in the work world (huzzah!) mixed with three events made for one busy lady.

JPC and I enjoyed a 70’s themed fundraising benefit for a local theatre company…a client was a sponsor so I also enjoyed it with my lovely coworkers….JPC and I attended his cousin’s wedding that took place in a lush and beautiful greenhouse…then we high tailed it back to the city as the greatest party ever just happened to be the same night. Summer Solstice at the Cleveland Art Museum is THE event of the year (and that’s coming from someone who goes to a ton of events) and we made it back in time to stop at a pre-party rooftop bash, pick up some tickets, and dance the night away with 5,000 of our closest friends.

Summer in the city NEVER disappoints.

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