AMERICA! A Stylish Celebration

As a person whose lived abroad for more than a few of America’s momentous celebrations, I make sure to partake in the day with extra vigor and 2012’s Independence Day was no exception.

What better way to show off patriotism than with themed nail decor AND themed champagne bottles?

I feel so lucky to be able to celebrate this holiday while so many Americans fight to keep our country free and fabulous! JPC and I had some lovely R&R at the pool before heading to his family’s BBQ party. We enjoyed some delicious eats and treats before heading home for a brief disco nap.


The evening took us down the street to a friend’s rooftop that overlooks downtown and the lake. We enjoyed the best 4th celebration I’ve ever attended. Food and drink were catered by a neighborhood favorite, LUXE Kitchen & Lounge and the company was just to die for. 100 of Cleveland’s best danced the night away until the wee hours of the morning and neighborhood fireworks continued way past the designated show. Our neighborhood is infamous for their fireworks display. No joke- we’re nicknamed (in a very un-PC way might I add) ‘Little Baghdad’, but either way.. it gets ROWDY! Thank goodness my office had a 12:00 start today 😉

I hope you all enjoyed your mid-week holiday celebrations!

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