Chicago comes to Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio may be my hometown, but moving back here meant leaving my heart in Chicago. I spent 5 absolutely amazing years there and have been blessed with the most wonderful friends because of it. Last weekend I was lucky enough to have one of my closest friends and her boyfriend visit JPC and I at our new home.

JPC’s Dad had been staying with us while back in the states, so technically he was our first house guest, but I really couldn’t wait to welcome my friends into our new home.

They were visiting during the hottest weekend we’ve had yet, with Saturday’s temps around 100 degrees. We still managed to enjoy CLE to the max with visits to the West Side Market and a tour at Great Lakes Brewery.

Crepes, Brats, and Noodles make for a great morning start!

A ton of cases of Great Lakes Beer ready for pick up!

Our solution for staying cool? Bar bowling in the A/C at one of our favorite local establishments with plenty of John Dalys.

It was a wonderful weekend with great friends I haven’t seen in too long. It’s unbelievable to me how the best friendships really do withstand the test of time and distance. I couldn’t believe Jenn was visiting me in the house I just bought with my boyfriend that I am so in love with. 8 years ago when I first met her at freshman move-in she was just a pretty girl on my floor a few doors down and there was no way to predict how important she would become to me. I’m so happy we have taken so many journeys and made so many memories together- I don’t know what I would do without her!

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