When I opened my Summer Influenster Box the product I was most excited for was the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color. It pains me to write that I did not enjoy this product. I promised a review of it so here we go:

The nail color is a little thick and difficult to apply. Once you have that down you are suppose to use a magnet to create nail designs on your finger nails. The product promised depth and a 3D effect, which it did deliver, but in a way that made my nails look thick and uneven.

I felt the shading made it look like the nail color was applied unevenly and messy. I am a big fan of nail art as seen here, here, and here– but this left something to be desired.

As I mentioned in my original Influenster post, I love Sally Hansen and think its a great drugstore brand. I wanted to really love this product, but alas I just can’t. *JPC did mention I’m not so good at DIY (I’m more of a PSETDI (pay someone else to do it) kinda gal) and that it could possible be me that made the product look bad, not the product itself. So if you’ve also tried this out, I’d love to hear your thoughts!*

The bottom line: If you are looking for nail art at the drugstore, stick with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects. I blogged about them over a year ago and am still loving them big time!

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