Life Lessons

Sometimes life lessons come in the form of kitchen accessories; in this specific case it was the ‘buy it once, buy it right’ lesson.

When JPC and I first moved in together we went on the all exciting ritual of combining things and buying new home wares together to make the place ours. Now, whenever anyone moves into a new place or moves in with a new person the expenses start piling high. Since I’m generally immature, I like to spend my hard earned cash on clothes, purses, and shoes so I tend to cheap out on other areas like home wares.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson.

JPC and I were standing in Sur La Table contemplating the perfect salt and pepper grinders (cue first world problems) and all I wanted was the ever glamorous ‘Pump and Grind’. However, I couldn’t get past the fact that it would cost me $50 to season my freaking food by purchasing the Maserati of pepper grinders. So we purchased these bad boys…. little salt and pepper balls that look like they have rabbit ears at $12 a pop:

For the next year we dealt with these stupid little balls that spilled spices, were awful to refill, and had a million little cracks in the plastic. We headed back to Sur La Table and the Pump and Grind finally became mine a year later:

Now every time I pump and grind I get a sick sense of fulfillment. So there you have it friends, buy it once and buy it right.

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