Trash and Treasures- Goodies Galore

This weekend was for hunting and gathering, and it took me a few days to recap it because I’ve been so busy (reading Mocking Jay and catching up on Pretty Little Liars).

Scooping up a few goods at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and scouring the streets at my neighborhood yard sale event made for a weekend well spent. Hello, you know I love mixing high and low and this weekend was full of it!

For starters- a happy hour stop at Nordstroms with my childhood BFF resulted in:

Three shades of Butter London that will be perfect transitions from Summer to Fall:
L – R: Artful Dodger, Yummy Mummy, and Queen Vic.

My first pair of Frye boots, a craving a few seasons in the making, and what better time to buy them than during the Anniversary Sale?

Last but not least, this high front/low back sheer oxford with the slit up the back. I purchased in black (of course).

Saturday I was up bright and early with two coworkers who also just moved into a new house- we were on the hunt and ready to fill up our empty spaces. I walked away with quite a few gems, after all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

A glorious vintage trunk, currently at the end of the guest bed.

A set of six mugs perfect for Moscow Mules. Cocktails coming soon 🙂

A beautiful burnt orange ceramic bowl perfect for mail or keys.

A vintage entryway table that will fit perfectly by the door. It needs some love and my love is going to teach me how to redo this veneer, DIY style.

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