Household Additions: We got a cowhide rug!

Before JPC and I bought our house I was just dying over all the little tidbits I couldn’t wait to share on this blog. DIYs, Before/Afters, Interior Inspiration… you get the picture.

Well, here we are 90 days into our first home purchase and I’ve barely blogged about it. I’ve barely touched on it here because frankly, I’m embarrassed. We’re definitely not as far along in the process as I thought we’d be- add in the fact that we bought a duplex and we are fixing up that unit for a new tenant means double trouble.

So bear with me. Little things are happening here and there. We are making this house feel more like a home- new creature comforts arrive everyday (Like our new ballin’ rug,yo!) But the hideous green carpet that is EVERYWHERE and has yet to be replaced with glorious hardwood? Yep, drives me crazy everyday.

Originally I thought I’d share HGTV worthy ‘before/afters’, but now I am accepting I’m just not that perfect, so instead I hope to share some ‘before/durings’ and keep it real; as long as you promise not to judge too hard. Who would have thought home decorating would be so emotionally draining? Welcome to the wild ride, buckle up.

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