Crafty DIY-ing

This weekend JPC taught me how to use a staple gun AND a drill. About a month back JPC did a built out for a very sweet coffee roaster here in town and they were kind enough to give us a few of the bags that the beans are transported in for us to frame as some lovely decor.

We cut them down and wrapped them over the custom frames we built like they were canvas to hang in the public hall of our building and in our kitchen.

It was a fun little DIY process for the whole family; including an overly curious puppy.

We couldn’t resist taking a little ‘dog shaming’ photo as she kept trying to eat the canvas.

This one from Brazil fits right in on the wall over the stove. While I simply assisted and could no way have done the project without JPC, it was a nice little dip the DIY pool. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a few more.

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