I Quit My Job.

I quit my job on Yom Kippur. I am not Jewish or really religious at all; but I couldn’t help to see the irony in the fact that I handed over my resignation letter on their day of atonement. Because let me tell you, walking into my boss’s office to tell him I got a new job and would be leaving in 2 weeks was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, and I did truly feel sorry for it.

Working in a small business is sometimes amazing and sometimes complicated. Quitting your job when your boss is your boss, your friend, and your HR guy all wrapped into one is really complicated. I know I disappointed him, I know it surprised him, but I couldn’t get in my own way of doing what was best for me. What was best for me was taking this new job.

Photo credit: Etsy, iscreenyouscreen

I wont say much about my new gig, but I will say I am so happy to start a new journey. I am excited to again be challenged at work, to spend my 9-5 with people who are passionate about their careers, and to be apart of the positivity I experienced when I interviewed. It’s easy to say a place is right when a 2.5 hour interview feels like 45 minutes. Digital Marketing isn’t just something I want to do for a job, it’s my life passion. I can’t wait to work with a team that feels the same.

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