Well, Monday is back folks and that means it’s time for ‘Stuff That Makes Me Squeal!’

It’s ironic that as I’m sharing today’s post on my favorite cold weather accessory it’s going to be 70° outside, but don’t let that trick your brain into believing that subzero temps aren’t on their way.

This week’s favorite: My Plush Fleece Lined Tights.

I just picked up another pair for back up via Shopbop and you can too! Though $35 may seem a bit steep, I can promise they are a worthwhile investment. They are so freaking warm, like warmer than pants and really hold up for repeat wear. You don’t have to worry about getting a snag as long as you take care of them (hand wash, no dryer!)

I can’t tell you what a freeze baby I am and these have made all the difference in my chilly office and the sprint from the car to where ever I may be going. The best part? They look like any other pair of opaque tights- so it’s just your little secret.


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