Happy Monday y’all! This week’s edition of ‘Stuff That Makes Me Squeal’ is quite timely. Most of us (if not all) have seen Kris Kardashian’s Wonder Woman Nip Slip and I’m glad to share a product that could have completely prevented this weird and awful issue.

Enter… Hollywood Fashion Tape!

Hollywood Fashion Tape is simply really great, really sticky pre-cut double sided tape that doesn’t take a layer of your skin with it when you rip it off. No joke, this stuff holds dresses, tops, and skirts in place ALL DAY. I wore some of this tape on my 3rd day at my new job knowing it would keep my cleavage under wraps without a doubt for the whole 9 hours I was there.

Seriously ladies- there is nothing worse than ill fitting clothing, and this is a great solution when in a pinch. Of course, tailoring should always be your first go-to but when in a bind or needed as reinforcement with an evening gown- this stuff is gold. Go pick it up- it’s cheap! It’s one of those things you don’t think you need and then after you buy it you’re using it all the time!

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