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As a part of today’s Ohio Blogging Association’s All State Blog Swap, I’m happy to introduce you to Nidhi from Nidhizzle. On this day, bloggers from around the great state of Ohio are guest posting on one another blogs as a way to introduce new readers to their blogs. For a full listing of blog swap participants, please visit Poise in Parma today.

When I found out I was paired up with Nidhi I knew right away that a DIY post would be perfect for today! She is amazingly crafty, and since it’s an area I especially lack in, I thought we could all learn something awesome from her. In turn, I am guest posting on her blog today, so be sure to click over to mine 1 dress, 2 ways post! So without further adieu….

Bedazzling Boots with Nidhizzle

Hey all! I’m Nidhi from Nidhizzle and I’m here to show you how to basically bedazzle your old boots.

Start with your heeled booties from 3 seasons ago that you still wear like they were on the runway in Fashion week this year.

Not sure how I walk that makes the heels so ripped. I probably always step in grates because I’m clumsy. That’s not true. I’m actually very coordinated. I’m not sure why these are ripped. I guess that’s a mystery that I’ll never know the answer to.

I had some jeweled thingies lying around my craft room (everyone has a fully stocked craft room, I know) but if you don’t, you can buy jewels at a craft store.

Glue them to the heel on your shoe and then take a blurry picture. Curse your camera for not knowing exactly what type of macro to use. The glue used is E6000.

Ta-Dah! Just in time for the holiday season – a pair of sparkly boots! I’m totally messing. Sparkles aren’t only for the holiday season. You can wear them year round.

Ok I might be addicted to sparkly shiny things. Anything that adds a little BLING!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Nadine for letting me guest-post! xoxo

Thanks Nidhi! Readers, if any of you get busy with this quick glam fix be sure to send me your photos, I’d love to post a recap!

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