Guide To The Perfect Blowout

Just before the holiday I was invited to attend the grand opening party for Dino Palmieri’s newest blow out bar at Eaton Collection. Dino is the founder of 9 hair studio’s in Cleveland and this is his first blow dry only bar.

Not only is he talented, charming, and handsome…but he’s Italian too 😉

I was invited by the lovely folks at ONE Styling who previously hosted a styling event where they premiered all of their new products last March. You can read my recap of that event on the post ONE Styling, Perfect Hair Awaits. Dino’s newest blow out bar features hot tools exclusively from ONE Styling– which is a perfect match. Since that event last March I’ve completely fallen in love with all of their products and I am sure some will end up on ‘Stuff That Makes Me Squeal’!

My hair was styled by Jenn Kidd, who runs the educational program for all of the Dino salons. She was kind enough to give me a step by step breakdown on how to achieve the perfect blowout.

Of course you’ll want to start with freshly washed hair, then wrap it in a bit of a towel bun for a few minutes (large photo to the left). This will keep your hair off your face while you apply your make up, do your dishes, or whatever you want for a few minutes! It also absorbs much of the excess moisture from your hair allowing your hair to dry faster without the added unnecessary heat.

Jenn then recommends rough drying your hair throughout (top photo). Jenn used the ONE Styling Legacy Lite Hairdryer, the newest product from ONE.

After rough drying your hair, section it off with a clip or a chopstick like the photos above. Pull another section around your head down to dry after the lowest layers are complete.  Jenn also recommended a boar hair brush for when you do blow out section by section. Boar’s hair bristles help smooth down our hair cuticles.

After each layer is blown out, take out the chopstick, part your hair at it’s natural part and blow out the top layer of your hair like so.

After the blowout is complete swoop your hair fully to the left and blast it with hot then cold heat and repeat on the right. If you want extra voluminous hair- between flipping to the opposite side you can spritz in a bit of hairspray.

Now for the last step- to seal in the volume, part your hair at the natural part again and work your chopstick from the earlier steps around the crown of your head; wiggling in room to boost your hair.

Ta-da! Finalize the blowout with a bit of hairspray and you’re ready to rock. This blow out was perfect and lasted me 3 days of hassle free glamorous hair.

Full Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event and gifted with products from ONE Styling. Opinions are my own.

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