Hi! I am a fellow migraine suffer-er, and I totally know your pain. I however luckily only suffer from about 2-3 per month. I too was an avid yogi for a long time and my migraines almost completely went away, but then life happened. Another temporary fix that I have found is my diet. I did paleo for about 6 months, and did not have a single migraine. I think just the pure, unprocessed food made a huge difference. Of course I have not kept this up either, but maybe worth a try for you! Good luck!

Hey there! I just saw this and can’t believe I missed it (after I put out my recap no less!) I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing this with everyone, but its a great tip.

I’m Italian and LOVE carbs, but find I feel way less lethargic when I don’t eat them during the day… and the more energy I have the less migraines I get- so no wonder Paleo helped you!

Hope you can get back on the bandwagon soon…though I’m sure it’s impossible with the holidays 😉 Try some yoga if you can! xoxo

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