Migraine Help: Crowdsourced

I can’t thank you all enough for your advice, kind words, and general concerns on my post, Migraines: Welcome To Hell.

It’s unbelievable how common this disease is and it would be an injustice not to share all the worthy information I received:

Eat*Drink*Cleveland offered, “I used acupuncture for my year-long headache and it worked so maybe it could help you. I have chronic issues with my arms so I totally relate!!”

zucchiniandzeal replied:

A massage always helps my migraines (although mine aren’t near as bad as yours). I found a massage school in my city where I can get an hour massage for $12.50. Can’t beat that!

jjjjmoore replied:

Try the yoga at home in the evening – just take 30 minutes. Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning. Set your phone alarm for 3pm, get up from your desk, stretch and take 5 deep cleansing breaths. Do this everyday for a month and re-evaluate.

I feel you! Fellow migraine sufferer…acupuncture works. Also drinking a strong coffee at the onset helped. Most meds are laced w. caffeine anyways. Pregnancy cured them for me! Now they’re back!

bacon-bits replied:

What about practicing yoga at home? As a bikram yoga lover, I know it’s hard to do it at home, but what about seeing if there are some stretches you can do at home that would help in some way? Stretches that don’t need the heat to get the benefits.

Smitten In Cleveland shared that her doctor actually prescribed yoga to remedy her migraines, and it worked amazingly- then life got in the way…

So there you have it- most of the world recommends I get back on the yoga train, and I’m taking your advice.

I’m proud to share that I went to an AMAZING 60 minute yoga class over lunch on Monday and am going to try my hardest to hit over lunch every Monday and Friday and take the Wednesday evening hot class at my new studio a block away from the office.

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